Village is a meet-up for theatre makers and creative minds where a bunch of writers, directors, actors and performers simply gather in a room or online, once in a while, over drinks and snacks to share personal, written stories. Your stories also get a chance to be selected by KrisP and developed into a theatre play in the future.


How it works

1. Write a play/monologue

10 minutes max, with maximum 4 characters for a play.

2. We review your work

Send us your play to review here!

3. Meet with the group

Sign up for the next group meeting.

4. We schedule a play read

Date and time will be selected per everyone’s availability.

5. You take the next step

Make sure you find actors for your play read and schedule rehearsals if needed.


If you can’t find professional actors, ask your friends or ask us and we will try to help you.

6. We market + invite

We help you to market and invite 

people to watch the play read.

7. Get feedback

Get feedback from the actors and the audience about your story.

8. Hear other's stories

You get to hear stories of others and give your feedback.


Participate, listen

and have fun!

Why join village?

It’s in our nature to tell stories. Storytelling is a great way to heal, connect, express, and communicate. Sharing is caring! Village is a chance for ideas to be developed and tested in front of an audience. You get an opportunity to become a part of our Village community, and find like-minded people to collaborate with.


Submit a story

Submit your story, or contact us for more information!

Join as audience /an actor

If you don’t have a story yet, or would like to join as an audience member, or an actor to be a part of the next play read, please leave your email address and we will update you about the next meet up.

Our next meetup

When: To be confirmed


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