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Upcoming Workshops

  • Workshops for adults, who wish to live more creatively. Give this to yourself to unleash your inner artist.

  • Live more creatively! Book a group workshop session for yourself, your friends, students or co-workers who want to explore the world of acting, devising, writing,  theatre-making and creativity.

  • Don't be scared, shy or embarrassed to share your work. It can be an introduction to your unique voice. Don't miss this opportunity. Join the club!

  • We are always looking for performers of different genres and disciplines. Actors, directors, theatre producers, writers, theatre technicians, dancers, and  performing art teachers, collaborate with us on theatre, film, movement, devised and other creative performances or workshops!


JUNE 3 — AUG 19, 2020

@ ZOOM (Link provided upon sign-up)

I’m sure we all heard this before, “Art doesn’t bring money. All artists are starving artists. Making Art is not a real job.” Well... we are about to change this stigma!

Take a moment to answer the following with a yes or no:


  • Are you a talented, unstoppable soul—perhaps an actor, singer, model, dancer, director, or writer? [YES/NO]

  • Are you someone who wants to create and get paid for their talent and creativity? [YES/NO]

If you said yes to any of the above, this course is going to be life-changing!

FROM TALENT TO BUSINESS is a series of 12 webinars to help you start your business smart, designed by two female entrepreneurs.


Let's meet Kristina Pakhomova and Kristina Pavchenko.


June 3 to Aug 19, 2020

Every Wednesday

11.30 to 1pm




(Link provided upon sign-up)


EARLY BIRD (till May 21st)
@ only 2000 HKD


@ 2990 HKD 



Be the first to sign up and

get a scholarship of 2000 HKD. This means you ONLY PAY 990 HKD for a full course!

Kristina Pakhomova
Once a struggling actress and now artistic director, producer, playwright, workshop facilitator, and founder of KrisP Production.

Kristina Pavchenko
Business consultant, and knowledgeable cheerleader and founder of She’s Got A Business.

FROM TALENT TO BUSINESS is a tried and tested step-by-step guide, a formula if you wish, on how to create a profit-making business from your talent.

You will get support to help you better understand how businesses are run, and how you will make your first USD$100, 000. However, it's important you understand the following:

What we don’t have — A magic pill to turn you into a million-dollar business owner.

What we have — Business, marketing and sales knowledge, and strategies you are most probably missing out on. Essentially what you need to start creating a profitable business uniquely suited for you, straight from your dreams.

Why choose our course?
Our course covers essential topics you need to know about when building a successful business. Save yourself time, money, and a lot of frustration by finding the knowledge and support you need, all in one place!

What's in our course?

  • Six (6) videos full of useful content, around 30-45 minutes each

  • Twelve (12) large actionable tasks

  • Six (6) group sessions where you share and get feedback, as well as the support you most likely need as a first time entrepreneur

Sounds like something you need? 
Sign up for a full 12-week program today!
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Don’t worry! Sign up for an absolutely free intro video call with us where you can ask us any questions about the program, share your creative business ideas and or fears about developing and running your own businesses.

Click the link bellow to sign up for a free video call!
June 1st, 11.30am-1pm

We can't wait to connect with you!

About She's Got a Business

She's Got a Business is a female focused marketing agency and community, supporting women in business and life.

We share stories, run events and provide business consultations and marketing assistance. Since 2014 we had an opportunity to work with over a 100 businesses in a variety of market segments, especially in wellness and health, fashion, blogging , events.



MIN 8 PAX for successful booking


(Or a venue of your choice that can accommodate all participants)

If acting is your passion, attending acting class will help put your dream into practice. Work on your confidence and learn the tools needed to tell stories through acting. You will be working on your monologue using different acting techniques and exercises taught by our instructor. 


MIN 8 PAX for successful booking


(Or a venue of your choice that can accommodate all participants)

DOES GOOD ACTING come from clear objectives? A strong backstory? Big emotions? Ask a performer who uses the Viewpoints method, and they might say you’re asking the wrong questions.

As a method of actor training, Viewpoints encourages actors to focus less on their characters’ psychology and more on observation and movement.


MIN 8 PAX for successful booking


(Or a venue of your choice that can accommodate all participants)

For those who’ve already done our introduction to Viewpoints workshops, you are invited to take the next step. Learn how to use Viewpoints in composition, scene work, devising and choreography. Register Today.


MIN 8 PAX for successful booking


(Or a venue of your choice that can accommodate all participants)

An acting technique, a 'psycho-physical approach', in which transformation, working with impulse, imagination and inner and outer gesture are central. It offers clear and practical tools in working with imagination, feelings and atmosphere.


MIN 8 PAX for successful booking


(Or a venue of your choice that can accommodate all participants)

With this workshop we will help you to find, unblock and nurture your inner Artist! Remember, Your inner Artist is your Inner Child that needs attention and care. Get more confident and creative through creative writing, meditation and simple theatre acting exercises.


Will be discussed upon booking.

A group of minimum 8 people must be formed for a successful booking.



Hive Studio, Kennedy Town

(Or a venue of your choice that can accommodate all participants.)


  • Apply different acting and theatre practices into your craft

  • Achieve alignment with the creative energy of the universe. 


  • Become more confident


  • Create and devise your own work


  • Be more creative 


Kristina Pakhomova, an actress, theatre producer, playwright, founder and artistic-director of KrisP. Production.



“Thanks for another fun and inspiring weekend of workshops! KrisP. Productions offers yet again another unique opportunity to explore and expand our craft as English speaking performers here in HK.

I'll look forward to the next one!”


— Sammy Jay

“Had I great experience this weekend at the workshop. It was a really energetic and great atmosphere. I felt I learned a lot  — feeling fantastic.”


— Laura  Mhaoldhuibh

"I joined this masterclass in order to learn something new for myself and to get new opportunities for my general growth. What did I get?


Great mood, fun atmosphere and understanding that there are absolutely no boundaries. Boundaries are only in our heads...!"


— Elena Borsh


Past Workshops

Viewpoints, Hong Kong
Mar.2019, Instructor: Khairul Kamsani

M.Chekhov, Hong Kong
May 2019, Instructor: Khairul Kamsani

Viewpoints, Russia
June 2019, Instructor: Kristina Pakhomova

Unleash Your Inner Artist, Hong Kong
Jan 2020, Instructor: Kristina Pakhomova


Apply to Teach

KrisP is seeking dynamic professional artists of all theatrical disciplines to join a vibrant roster of collaborative teaching artists.

Teach other creatives something you are passionate about. KrisP, will facilitate your workshop to help you to add teaching skills to your toolkit and awaken your creativity. Performers, directors, writers, dancers are encouraged to apply.

Develop and learn your craft even more by teaching others. Do you feel like you have a special power to inspire and engage, come and join our team of teachers for adult actors/ performers.

Required Qualifications:

  • Professional skills, training and experience in one or more theatrical disciplines

  • Experience or interest in teaching adult actors and performers

  • Flexibility to work occasional evening and weekend hours


Preferred Qualifications

  • Prior Teaching or Teaching Artist Experience

  • A Bachelors or Masters Degree

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