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Mon, Jun 01
FREE Online Course Zoom Meetup
This ABSOLUTELY FREE Zoom video call is your chance to share creative ideas and/or any fears about developing and running your own business. It also serves as an introduction to our 12-week online course, 'From Talent To Business'.
Sun, May 31
Village Play Read
3 emerging playwrights wrote 3 original 10-minutes plays and we are very proud to present them to you. Join us on May 31st at 6pm on Zoom.
Wed, Jun 03
From Talent to Business Online Course
FROM TALENT TO BUSINESS is a 12-week Online Course that gives you a tried and tested step-by-step guide, a formula if you wish, on how to create a profit-making business from your talent.

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Ludmila Pavlichenko has left everything behind to become a sniper in the Red Army rifle division, a place where women are not welcomed, the fight against fascists. She proves herself into an unforgiving training program that pushes Ludmila to her physical, emotional and mental limits. Will she be able to succeed and find her allies or will she be lost to fighting alone in a war among men?

An original play by Kristina Pakhomova, inspired by the true story of the legendary Soviet Union sniper, Ludmila Pavlichenko- known and feared by her enemies as

“Lady Death”.

KrisP. Production‘s historical drama Lady Death is a much-needed catharsis in this turbulent political climate. While this play is not about the anti-government protests per se, it reflects a lot of relevant themes such as the fight for freedom, and the morality of one’s actions. (The Actor's Review)


Love across barriers.

Billed as a love story across different universes, the play follows two would-be lovers, a linguistic anthropologist and a quantum physicist, as they attempt to build a relationship. But will two people whose lives have their foundations in very different worlds — art and science — be able to summon mutual empathy and understanding enough to make it work?

Written & Directed by Khairul Kamsani

"Thought-provoking and introspective throughout, with captivating performances from both Kristina Pakhomova and Alexander Zorn, Discord of Discourse makes us think about our own communicative habits and question how much we truly understand about one another".  (HKELD)

Dark Room

Diana Halikova. Relocated with her husband to Asia as an expat’s wife, the promise of a better life. But what has it got her? No friends, no job. In the dark room of her mind — Family. Choice. Identity. Struggle. 


Written, directed, produced and performed by Kristina Pakhomova

“...thought-provoking performance that encourages audiences to question their views and to open their eyes to begin to understand other people more, looking further than the surface...”  ( By Rhian Widdowson for HKLED), read full review here 

What's wrong with me?

A sensitively done comedy piece about a woman named Fey, who goes through her struggles as a psychiatric patient, unknowingly diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, along with a cocktail of many more symptoms… She talks about her daily life and awkward moments in a humorous way.


Written and Co-directed by Anvita Gupta. Performed, produced and co-directed by Kristina Pakhomova.

“…Pakhomova delivers a compelling performance of Fey and all her behavioural quirks…” Bakchormeeboy, read full review here.

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