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Reconnect with your creativity and let yourself be creative, because you already are. 

Whether you are an actor, writer, dancer, lawyer, doctor, business owner, taxi driver or housewife. It's just that sometimes we forget about it. When fears and insecurities take over, they block creative channels, and the creative energy is stuck with no way out. This “stuckness” then affects all areas of life. My goal is to remind people that they are already creative and I can show the ways how they can let themselves be creative. 

I believe that everyone is born to be creative.

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With KrisP I am committed to trusting and developing my ideas and aesthetics further. I want to have the ability to create my own projects and stories that I’m passionate about and care about. Because I know if I care, my audience would too. 

I want to create daring, adventurous and thought provoking stories with people, for people, about people.

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Being trained in both traditional and contemporary theatre in Russia, Asia and Europe I’m always interested in experimenting with different performance techniques, genres and styles, exploring the possibilities of theatre and film. My goal is to give opportunities to other creative professionals to express themselves via acting, directing, writing, teaching, devising and more and learn from one another.

I want to help people express themselves freely and authentically in this world with the help of acting tools


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