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For actors and non-actors. Based on the 9 Viewpoints by Ann Bogart and Tina Landau.

You will be encouraged to question information, dismantle hierarchies, and unlock new possibilities.

Elevate your capacity for empathy, adaptability, effective collaboration and team dynamics


This dynamic session will empower you to...

Approach personal and social challenges with innovative solutions and a grounded sense of presence, drawing upon the principles of nine distinct viewpoints in Time and Space


Are you ready to foster a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you?


Explore Viewpoints, a global approach to theatre and actor training by Ann Bogart and Tina Landau. Nine Viewpoints in Time and Space provides a vocabulary for engaging with the world.


Question information, dismantle hierarchies, and unlock new possibilities.


Led by Kristina Pakhomova, this session includes curated exercises, theory, and methodology.


Wear comfortable attire for non-restrictive movement.

Learning Focus:

  • Broaden your awareness of your surroundings and interactions.

  • Enhanced Empathy. By exploring different viewpoints, you will become more empathetic, and understanding.

  • Adaptability. The 9 viewpoints will teach you how to navigate diverse social situations and connect with people from various backgrounds.

  • Creative Problem-Solving. The 9 viewpoints promote creative thinking and problem-solving, allowing individuals to approach personal and social challenges with a fresh perspective.

  • Mindfulness and Presence. Practising the viewpoints cultivates mindfulness, helping individuals stay present in social interactions and enjoy richer personal experiences.

  • Team Collaboration. In social and professional settings, knowledge of the 9 viewpoints facilitates effective collaboration, contributing to stronger team dynamics and relationships.


Approach personal and professional challenges with innovative solutions and a grounded presence



🗓️ April Workshop: April 20th

⏰ Time: 10am - 3pm

💰 Course Fee: S$500

for a 5-hour session

— In-person, group classes

— Lessons held in English

— Class commences when there is a min. booking of 4 pax

Impact on your life

  • Enhanced Communication: Improve non-verbal communication and spatial awareness for more effective interactions.

  • Team Collaboration: Strengthen teamwork and trust through collaborative movement exercises.

  • Creative Problem-Solving: Foster innovative thinking and adaptability in business scenarios.

  • Confidence Building: Develop a stronger presence and confidence for presentations and meetings.

  • Stress Reduction: Find a creative outlet to release stress and improve overall wellbeing.


Kristina Pakhomova

In her 15-year career as an actress, Kristina has performed in a number of theatre plays, short films, TV, commercials and radio projects as well as producing, directing, writing and performing in her own work.


Kristina’s life mission is to help people express themselves freely and authentically through creativity. With her company she is excited and honoured to be able to give opportunities to other people to express themselves, creating fun, playful and bold moments on stage, in film and in life.

Recent standout performances include "Venus in Fur" and "Burying Children" in Esplanade Theatre Studio, and "Away", an award-winning short film in which she wrote, produced, and starred.


Kristina Bio.jpeg


All our group courses are on a Pay Later basis, which follows this process:

  1. You book your slot in a course

  2. We send an acknowledgement email of your booking

  3. We wait until the course reaches its minimum number of participants

  4. Once minimum bookings have been reached, the course is considered confirmed and we will reach out to you with the details for course payment before the course starts

  5. Once payment has been made, please send your payment confirmation to

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