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Explore authenticity in your acting
from foundation to mastery

Say goodbye to trying to impress and hello
to genuine, compelling performances.


Embark on a captivating exploration of authenticity

The transformative power of the Meisner Technique will enhance your active listening skills and help you foster deeper connections on and off the stage.


Are you ready to explore the art of being present?

Meisner Technique

The Meisner Technique isn't just about acting; it's about embracing the truth of each moment, connecting deeply with yourself and others, and honing your craft to its fullest potential.

Through this transformative journey of mastering the levels of the Meisner Technique, you'll learn to be fully present, sharpen your active listening skills, and unleash your authenticity without the need to impress.

We teach Meisner in a progression-based system from Level 1 to Level 5. We start with the Foundation of Meisner & Basic Repetition. Participants must complete the earlier levels before continuing to the more advanced sessions to ensure that the technique is learned, retained, and applied correctly.


Overview of Progression Structure:

Level 1 - Foundation of Meisner & Basic Repetition

Level 2 - Physical Action Repetition

Level 3 - Psychological Repetition

Level 4 - Meisner Technique Improvisations

Level 5 - Applying Meisner Technique with Text


*The leap in difficulty from Levels 2 to 3, 3 to 4 and 4 to 5 is high. It is highly recommended to attend at least 2 Level 2 classes before attending Level 3 (and so on). We will feedback at the end of sessions if you are ready to undertake more advanced sessions.*

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Discover how cultivating presence and awareness can elevate every aspect of life.


Meisner Technique

🗓️ Workshop Dates:

March 19, 21, 26, 28

⏰ Time: 7pm - 8.30pm (GMT+8)

💰 Course Fee: S$600

for 4 sessions, 1.5 hours each


🗓️ April Workshop:

April 15, 18, 22, 25

⏰ Time: 5pm - 6.30pm (GMT+8)

💰 Course Fee: S$600

for 4 sessions, 1.5 hours each

— In-person, group classes

— Lessons held in English

— Class commences when there is a min. booking of 4 pax

How does the Meisner Technique help me improve my acting? ​

  • Learn how to be in the moment

  • Improve your active listening

  • Embrace your authenticity without trying to be extra interesting

Impact on your life

  • Presence and awareness will improve your decision making and overall wellbeing

  • Active listening and great observation skills will help you to navigate conflicts, fostering healthier relationships both personally and professionally

  • Knowing who you truly are and embracing that will boost your confidence level that all draw people attention and improve all aspects of your life


I felt it was really, really helpful for me as an actor. So I'm always striving for more authenticity and to really be in the moment and listen actively to my scene partner.
So Meisner really helped with that because we focus a lot on repetition, like what we observe about one another and actions and psychological opinions... And that really helps me to trust my instincts and trust my body and not be in my head too much.
Another thing that was really helpful was the the idea that you don't have to add colour or try to be more interesting in our performances, our interactions with others. What we already have is in us and we are interesting as we are.
Meisner really helped me to tap on that and to just be more authentic and in the moment in my interactions as well.
So I highly recommend the class. I feel it's very useful even for non-actors who want to learn more about themselves and to gain more insight into themselves and their emotions and to really express their creativity and authenticity as well.


Kristina Pakhomova

In her 15-year career as an actress, Kristina has performed in a number of theatre plays, short films, TV, commercials and radio projects as well as producing, directing, writing and performing in her own work.


Kristina’s life mission is to help people express themselves freely and authentically through creativity. With her company she is excited and honoured to be able to give opportunities to other people to express themselves, creating fun, playful and bold moments on stage, in film and in life.

Recent standout performances include "Venus in Fur" and "Burying Children" in Esplanade Theatre Studio, and "Away", an award-winning short film in which she wrote, produced, and starred.


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All our group courses are on a Pay Later basis, which follows this process:

  1. You book your slot in a course

  2. We send an acknowledgement email of your booking

  3. We wait until the course reaches its minimum number of participants

  4. Once minimum bookings have been reached, the course is considered confirmed and we will reach out to you with the details for course payment before the course starts

  5. Once payment has been made, please send your payment confirmation to

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