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Kristina Pakhomova is an actress, writer, producer and artistic director and founder of KrisP. Production in Singapore.


Kristina's passion for acting was ignited by her mother's own acting career, inspiring her to pursue the craft herself. 

Kristina Pakhomova

KrisP Production
Founder, Creative Director

KrisP. Production • Acting Workshops, Theatre & Film Production
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KrisP. Production • Acting Workshops, Theatre & Film Production

In her 15-year career as an actress, Kristina has performed in a number of theatre plays, short films, TV, commercials and radio projects as well as producing, directing, writing and performing in her own work. Kristina’s life mission is to help people express themselves freely and authentically through creativity. With her company she is excited and honoured to be able to give opportunities to other people to express themselves, creating fun, playful and bold moments on stage, in film and in life. Recent standout performances include "Venus in Fur" and "Burying Children" in Esplanade Theatre Studio, and "Away", an award-winning short film in which she wrote, produced, and starred.

Making bold choices and living to the fullest, she is a true believer that "everyone is born creative, but sometimes we forget about it". Blocks, fears, and insecurities take over, they block creative channel, so creative energy is stuck with no way out. This “stuckness” then affects all areas of life. Kristina’s goal is to remind her students that they are already creative, and she can show the ways how they can let themselves be creative. 

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