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Meet The Playwrights of Our My Crazy Childhood Showcase

Last month, we ran a call for submissions for stories revolving around the theme of My Crazy Childhood and selected 5 stories that are being worked on by our pool of international actors for our upcoming free My Crazy Childhood Showcase.

Before we release the synopses of the stories that will be showcased, we would like you to meet our featured playwrights! We've got such a talented, experienced group in this Village collaboration, it is only right to dedicate a post to them! <3 Enjoy and stay inspired!


Playwright of Killing Pastor

Tiffa Foster is a playwright and screenwriter in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She dropped out of her college theater program in the fall of 1999 and switched to studying bioethics and Mandarin. She’s been an HIV-test counselor, an ESL teacher, a chemistry and physics instructor, a Department Chair at a small college, a hospice volunteer, and a healthcare volunteer for a health care clinic especially for sex workers. In January of 2019, she randomly decided to take a writing class and started writing plays, monologues, arias, and screenplays. Since that fateful day, she’s won several awards for her plays and screenplays and her works have been performed in the UK, Hong Kong, Washington, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota. Adult(ish) Material is her first full-length play.



Playwright of Aishwarya

Rajkumar Thiagaras is a bilingual theatre practitioner from Singapore. Notable acting credits include 12 Angry Men (Avant Theatre); Anything Can Happen / Something Must Happen (Wild Rice); and To Speak Quietly (Pink Gajah Theatre). In 2019, his plays Chandramukhi (Avant Theatre) and Ashes, Ashes (Toy Factory Productions) were produced. Recently, he wrote and perfo