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Unlocking Your Inner Artist

Many of us wish we were more creative. We can sense our inner creativity but are unable to effectively tap into it and because of that, we go about our lives feeling just a little… flat.

If you’re here, we understand that you want to change that. That you now realize your hunger for creative living, which can, by the way, expand into your business life and relationships—with your children, your lover, and your friends!

Creativity can and must be practiced. Just as you go to the gym to exercise your physical body, to stir your creativity, you must enrich your spirit.

What is creativity?

Creativity is a flow, and like any flow, it has to have a clear path.

Unfortunately, we have way too many fears that are causing a blockage or preventing that smooth flow.

How do we know that we have a creative blockage?

  1. Jealousy is an excellent clue. If you find yourself thinking, “Oh he is not even that talented. I could do better than him.” That means you are creatively blocked.

  2. You are also creatively blocked if you tell yourself the following things: — It's too late, I’m too old, stupid, ugly, poor etc. — Creativity doesn’t bring any money. First I have to save enough money and only then do something I am really passionate about. — Dreams are just dreams. I should be more practical. — If I choose to pursue my dream, my family and friends will think I’m crazy. They won’t approve. — Creativity is a luxury and you should be grateful for what you’ve got. These are all negative affirmations. We need to get rid of them and replace them with positive affirmations.

  3. If you are a Shadow Artist — A Shadow Artist is a person who chooses careers that are close to the desired art, even parallel to it, but not the art itself. A few examples include someone who wanted to be a fiction writer but writes for the news or works in advertising, someone who wanted to be an artist but is an artist manager, or someone with the intention of becoming an actor but is a drama teacher instead. There are many examples of people supporting their spouses in their journey of becoming an artist but are themselves staying in the shadows. Shadow artists are people who often believe that you can only either be rich or be an artist. They can’t fathom having the best of both worlds. Shadow artists judge themselves harshly over the fact that they haven’t acted on their dreams. This cruelty only reinforces their status as shadow artists. It takes nurturing to become an artist.

Why do you have that creativity blockage in the first place?

It is the comfort of the life you are living. Most of us, in our daydreams of being an artist, often wind up thinking, “If I living my life as a creative, what would it mean? What would happen to me and to the people I’m supporting?” It’s understandably terrifying, and many of us would rather not find out.

What should you do now that you’re aware of the blockage?

We are all creative in our own, beautiful way. Whether we are artists, directors, writers, bankers, housewives, taxi drivers.

Creativity isn’t learned, it is allowed. You now have to allow yourself to be creative. Pump up your inner artist, your inner child. How do you do that? There are many ways, but here are two beautiful and strong steps you can take to pump up your inner artist.


1. Start Writing in the Mornings

It's a great tool to get rid of all the subconscious rubbish in your head. Think of it as a daily brain dump.

Basically, when you wake up and before you do anything—before checking your phone or brushing your teeth—take out a pen and notebook and begin writing whatever crosses your mind.

Write whatever comes to your mind; without thinking and without stopping. Don’t write what you think sounds interesting or funny or right, just write whatever comes to mind.

If you don’t know what to write, write “I don’t know what to write about'' until there is something to write about.

Do this consistently, every day, and I promise you will eventually be able to uncover lots of stuff that you didn’t know even existed in your head. Your morning pages will teach you to stop judging yourself. This journey will allow you awareness of your unknown fears and negativity, so you can overcome them and throw them out.

Write every morning for at least a month, although three months would be great. Don’t read them though, just write. The only time you should read your Morning Pages is after your 3-month Morning Writing stint is up. Usually you will find patterns, things that you repeat. Those things are your fears and wrong beliefs.

Keep this in mind about Morning Pages

  • Morning pages are not pieces of art. They don’t need to sound smart or poetic. They are not about right or wrong.

  • Don’t show them to anyone. Unblocking yourself is a recovery process. And as in any recovery, you are very vulnerable. Any criticism can set you right back where you started.

2. Take yourself on an Artist date

Writing your morning pages is the act of notifying yourself and the universe of your frustrations, dreams, and hopes. Now that you are aware of your frustrations and your dreams and hopes have been vibrated out. Artist dates will bring an inflow. You are now filling the well of your creativity.

Think of an artist date as a play date with your inner child. You inner artist is a child that needs to be taken care of and nurtured and spent quality time with. Take that child out, and pamper or listen to him or her.

Just to clarify, we’re not talking about an expensive date. A child doesn’t need its parents’ money—it wants attention and love.

Take yourself out on an Artist Date once a week, and follow these rules:

  1. You don’t take anyone else on the date. Just yourself.

  2. When choosing an activity, think with your artistic brain. Your artistic brain is a sensory brain: sight, smell, touch, taste, sound.

  3. Do not do what you think will make you look or sound smart. Think fun, silly and affordable: a solo trip to the beach, watch an old movie, have an ice cream, visit a junk store. Anything that your inner child might like.


There you have it! Two very easy, very beautiful, and very effective ways to start allowing yourself to be creative and working towards unlocking your inner artist.

Let us know if you're deciding to do this, or if you have started this already, update us on your progress in the comments! We'd love to hear about the empowerment you feel after actually giving yourself time and space.

Til the next post!


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