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Kristina Pakhomova

An actress, theatre producer, playwright, founder and artistic-director of KrisP. Production

About the course

Many of us wish we were more creative, and we sense we are more creative, but are unable to effectively tap that creativity. Our lives feel somehow flat.

We want to change that. We hunger for creative living that can be expanded in our business life, relationships with our children, our lovers, and our friends!

Take the first step with Unleash Your Inner Artist.

This is a 3-week workshop that offers techniques and exercises, selected and personally practiced by your instructor Kristina Pakhomova — an actress, producer, writer and artistic director of KrisP. Production.

This workshop is for adults who want to live more creatively.

You will learn to:

- Achieve alignment with the creative energy of the universe
- Become more conscious of your feelings and emotions
- Remove your blocks and allow flow in possibilities


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