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with our upcoming online workshop on the revolutionary Perdekamp Emotional Method

This transformative approach unlocks your emotions reliably, without delving into psychology or memories.

Embark on a journey
of emotional mastery.

With PEM, you will learn to access emotions on demand, enhance your performances and continue to captivate your audience.

Whether seasoned or newcomer, our workshop welcomes all levels. Join us to unlock your emotional range and broaden the horizons of your potential as an actor.

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Are you ready to elevate your craft like never before?

Perdekamp Emotional Method (PEM)

Developed by German director and playwright Stephan Perdekamp, PEM is an innovative acting approach grounded in a biological process. This method provides actors with a direct, effortless, and controllable pathway to authentic emotions purely on a physical basis, without relying on personal experiences or emotional memory.

PEM goes beyond a traditional acting method; it is a comprehensive approach encompassing all facets of acting training, including body work, breathing, voice, speech, character development, emotional expression, scene work, improvisation, acrobatics, dance, singing, and stunt work.


All these disciplines share the same technical principles within the PEM framework.


Learn to access emotions on demand, enhance your performances and continue to captivate your audience.


Perdekamp Emotional Method (PEM) introductory online workshop.

🗓️ Workshop Dates: Mar 2 & 3

⏰ Time: 9 am - 12 pm (GMT+8)

💰 Course Fee: S$500

❣️ Class commences online through Zoom when there are a minimum of 4 participants.

Why should you join

  • Explore the transformative bio-electric process of PEM, and delve into the revolutionary approach to accessing emotions effortlessly.

  • You will learn to access the six fundamental emotions outlined in the methodology: aggression, happiness, grief, lust, fear, and revulsion.

  • Overcome personal restrictions and emotional blockages through simple, yet effective, exercises tailored to each emotion. Ultimately allowing you to gain greater artistic freedom.

  • PEM not only nurtures the actor's well-being. It also offers a holistic and integrated approach to the various elements of acting training.

  • Designed for individuals of all acting levels and those without acting experience.

  • Workshops will initiate online through Zoom upon reaching the minimum sign-up requirement of 4 participants.


Dr. Budi Miller

Dr. Budi Miller, Co-Artistic Director of The Theatre of Others, is a distinguished figure in the world of acting and training.


Serving as the Director of Advanced Training at the Fitzmaurice Institute, he holds roles such as a Lead Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework, a certified integrative studies practitioner, and a UNESCO-designated master teacher of mask work.


His expertise encompasses various disciplines, including Balinese Performing Arts Training, Mask Work, Fitzmaurice Voicework, Michael Chekhov, Clown, Viewpoints, Grotowski, Perdekamp Emotional Method (PEM) and Self-inquiry.


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