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Why are Movement Workshops Important for Actors?

Movement is a physical expression that communicates meaning to the audience and provokes a response from them. If the actor does not make a clear choice about how they move then the observer is likely to feel disconnected. Any unexamined movement that you do that you are not aware of, will always be an expression of you, the actor, rather than the character.

That’s why self awareness is so important — it enables you to transform. Awareness enables you make clear physical choice and to communicate specific meaning to the audience.

Text is important but text is not the whole event although it’s often treated like such by actors. Very often the actors are working with text but ignore the story of the body that expresses the words. Articulate and clear movement supports, honors and enhances the text. You can also invoke a new meaning and speak it on its own terms.

These wise words were taken from the Laban Workshop by Jane Coulston.

We're inviting you to start making intentional physical choices with our Laban Workshop. The exercises you learn in the workshop will require you to be playful, open-hearted and try to move out of your physical comfort zone.

Explore new ways of moving understanding different qualities of movement and applying it to your text work and your scene work.

Click here to register, and we look forward to seeing you there!


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