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Choosing a good monologue determines your success

This is our founder, Kristina Pakhomova, at the Singapore Monologue Slam competition. You can tell she is familiar with monologues. Of course, that is what countless auditions, dozens of solo show performances, storytelling and monologue competitions have done for her. They have made her a pro.

She knows how challenging it can be for an actor to enter the room and perform a piece without a partner. How do you keep the audience engaged and interested from the very beginning? How to find the right physical activity on stage while reading? Where to look at when reading? And many other questions that she can answer for you.

Got a monologue you want to work on? Sign up for a private or group session with Kristina and get all the answers. We've got an upcoming series of classes that starts Nov 16.

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To quote Kevin Spacey

"Monologues can be dangerous. You don’t want to do a solo piece. Our job as an actor is not acting it's reacting. Something happened to us and we are responding. We are not alone, even when we are doing a monologue we are not alone. You always have to think about your partner or audience. A solo act can be very boring If you hit the same note. Imagine a piano, and image now I’m hitting the same note, doesn’t matter how brilliantly and in time I hit it, it's the same note. As actors, we must avoid that. We must change, transform, we must play as much symphony as we could. So for that, a Monologue should have enough stake for an actor It should bring you somewhere, it should transform you. It should serve you well. Choosing a good monologue determines your success."

If you'd like to make inquiries before signing up, feel free to send us an email at!

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