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How To Get Into Musical Theatre

Written by guest poster, Dio Raquel Jr

William Shakespeare once wrote, “All the world’s a stage,” however, the use of the stage is a privilege, and performers take that for granted.

As a musical theatre performer and actor, I’ve fallen into those times where I’d get the best of myself. I’d compare myself to other artists to their training and mine to having a negative mindset towards the craft. I’d almost fall into that trap of forgetting the enjoyment of the art and the main reason why I started.

As time went on, sharing the training that was given to me and feeling the adrenaline rushing seeing other performers finding what they’re looking for, I knew that I’d have to advocate for the Arts.

Currently, I’m an actor, singer, dancer in the United States, and working for the Wesleyan Theatre Company in Lincoln, Nebraska. I’m also a student director for the company and one of the lead social media interns that promote upcoming shows by creating trailers for upcoming productions and posts to increase coverage for the company. Occasionally, I’d volunteer in organizations and past educational institutions to teach Arts Leadership and Acting workshops in both musical theatre and straight acting.

The art of musical theatre and directing allows an outlet for creativity.