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What techniques is our founder trained in, and what are her favorite ways to prep for a role?

With our founder back in the game working all month on a commercial, a music video and a short film, we thought it was about time to find out 2 important things:

What acting techniques does she use in her personal practice and what are her favorite ways to prep for a role?

Hi Kristina, thank you for making time to shed light on your personal acting practice. Let’s start real quickly from your origins.

How old were you when you started acting?

I perform my whole life, since I can remember myself. I was the main (and only) child entertainer at all family gatherings. :))) hahah they paid me with food and lots of love and attention.

I’ve witnessed acting (which is a form of training: you learn a lot by observing) since I was 5 because my mom is an actress. Then at the age of 12 I started going to youth drama school through my whole middle and high school. After my graduation I got into the Academy of Art in Russia and studied Acting there for 2 years before I moved to Singapore to continue my acting studies, and after that I went straight to work as an actress. Did I answer your question? 😅

Have you been focused purely on acting since?<