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I want to create theatre with people, for people, about people.

Theatre where you can come in comfortable clothes, have a hot drink or a glass of wine, sit down and have a conversation about the world today.

Kristina Pakhomova

KrisP Production
Founder, Creative Director

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kristina pakhomova creative threatre

My love for creating original work grew partly out of my love for acting and storytelling, and partly to overcome bouts of unwanted unemployment owing to a highly saturated Asian market.

"All artforms are in the service of the greatest of all arts: the art of living."

Bertolt Brecht

Be Brave

Be Confident

Be Extraordinary

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Being trained in both traditional and contemporary theatre in Russia, Asia and Europe I’m always interested in experimenting with different performance techniques, genres and styles, exploring the possibilities of performance.


I like theatre that is daring, adventurous and multidisciplinary. With KrisP I hope to give other creatives, who struggle to find their voices,  the opportunities too. I believe creative collaborations are probably one of the most important elements to one’s success.


I was definitely lucky enough in my life to meet people who were very supportive and caring and who basically pushed me towards theatre-making and producing my own work. Therefore its one of my main objectives to work and help other creatives to find their inner artists too. 

I had a choice. Either I continued sitting and blaming the unfair industry or I start doing something about it.


So I decided to give KrisP. a chance to shine.

I don’t expect everyone understand or like my work. Theatre and Art should stimulate. People come to theatre, to be stimulated, to be involved and feeling intensely without the traumas that real-life experiences hold for us.


With KrisP I am committed to trust and develop my ideas and aesthetics further. I want to have the ability to create my own projects and stories that I’m passionate and care about Because I know if I care, my audience would too. 

Be bold, be influenced, be affected.

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