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KrisP Confidence Personal and Professional Development | KrisP Production


A transformative online course tailored for individuals seeking to reclaim confidence and self-assurance.

Develop social confidence and resilience to
thrive in various social and professional settings

KrisP Confidence Personal and Professional Development | KrisP Production

In this immersive workshop, you'll learn practical techniques to..

Overcome self-doubt and gain valuable insights into building authentic confidence, enhancing your communication skills, and standing out in today's competitive corporate landscape.

KrisP Confidence Personal and Professional Development | KrisP Production

Are you ready to overcome
imposter syndrome and
master effective communication?

KrisP Confidence

Are you ready to unlock your inner confidence, embrace your authenticity, and let go of the weight of others' opinions? Look no further than our exclusive online acting course, KrisP Confidence!

This course is for you if you are :

— A people pleaser
— Constantly trying to be nice to make others feel comfortable and happy around you
— Feeling tired, angry, anxious, insecure because of the above
— Want to learn how to express your emotions freely
— A total beginner in Acting

In just 4 transformative sessions, we'll guide you through a journey of self-discovery using a unique blend of acting and mindfulness practices. 🎭🧘‍♀️

Here's what you can expect:
✨ Small group setting for personalized attention
✨ Practical techniques to boost your confidence and authenticity
✨ Guaranteed results – feeling more confident , in tune with your body and feelings, improve your social and public speaking skills.


Navigate social interactions with
ease, grace and authenticity


KrisP Confidence

🗓️ Workshop Dates: TBD by group

⏰ Time: TBD by group

💰 Course Fee: S$1000

— Online, group classes

— Lessons held in English

— Class commences when there is a min. booking of 4 pax

Impact on your life

  • Genuine Confidence: Develop authentic confidence to navigate professional challenges with ease.

  • Enhanced Communication: Improve verbal and non-verbal communication skills for clearer interactions.

  • Overcome Doubt: Learn to conquer self-limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome.

  • Assertiveness: Build assertiveness to express needs confidently and minimize conflict.

  • Professional Presence: Elevate your image and leave a lasting impression in various settings.

  • Social Skills: Navigate social interactions with confidence and grace.

  • Resilience: Cultivate resilience to bounce back stronger from setbacks.

  • Self-Awareness: Deepen understanding of yourself and others for better relationships.

  • Authenticity: Embrace authenticity to connect deeply and inspire trust.

  • Personal Growth: Embark on a journey of self-discovery and reach your full potential.


Kristina Pakhomova

In her 15-year career as an actress, Kristina has performed in a number of theatre plays, short films, TV, commercials and radio projects as well as producing, directing, writing and performing in her own work.


Kristina’s life mission is to help people express themselves freely and authentically through creativity. With her company she is excited and honoured to be able to give opportunities to other people to express themselves, creating fun, playful and bold moments on stage, in film and in life.

Recent standout performances include "Venus in Fur" and "Burying Children" in Esplanade Theatre Studio, and "Away", an award-winning short film in which she wrote, produced, and starred.


Kristina Bio.jpeg


All our group courses are on a Pay Later basis, which follows this process:

  1. You book your slot in a course

  2. We send an acknowledgement email of your booking

  3. We wait until the course reaches its minimum number of participants

  4. Once minimum bookings have been reached, the course is considered confirmed and we will reach out to you with the details for course payment before the course starts

  5. Once payment has been made, please send your payment confirmation to

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