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Journaling and the evolution of audio play ‘Thief’

Early followers of KrisP Production know how much we encourage journaling without judgement as often as possible, if not every day.

Briefly, the benefits of journaling include stress-reduction and mood improvement, stimulating cognitive function by way of the act of writing, cultivating mindfulness and encouraging receptivity to life experiences that fulfil you.

Many significant individuals in history from all fields kept journals. As a creative, it is the most honest, unique source of inspiration to your work. Frida Kahlo, just to name one of many examples, kept diaries that held her dreams, thoughts, poems and sketches. And according to Open Culture,

“Knowing the bare facts of her life gives us much-needed context for her images... Rather than explaining her painting to us, it opens up an entirely new world of imagery—one very different from the controlled self-portraiture of her public body of work—to puzzle over.”