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Notes On Preparing for Our Audio Play, Thief

Today we had our second group rehearsal. During this whole month I’ve been working with each actress individually over Zoom. We worked with text and character building, we experimented with rhythm, tempo and pitch and other dynamics of their voices.

For most of us, the audio format for storytelling is new. I’m personally a very visual person, I’m also highly driven by sounds, but visuals are my main points of reference in life and work. With this project, as the director, I had an interesting challenge. In working to see the picture as a whole, these are some of the questions I’ve been asking myself as well as the my team members :

-How do we tell a story and engage the audience only through sounds?

-How do we suggest place and time and other circumstances only by using sound?

-How can we explore poetry of sound?

-How do we transport our audience into the world of women with post-natal depression

-How does post natal depression SOUND like?

Sound is very physical. It goes into our ears and creates. It rekindles memories, sets the mood, forms the entire atmosphere. It evokes your imagination.

This is the first time I’m working with a professional sound designer for my own project. I am amazed at how transformative and visceral sound can be, in a way I never thought. It is magical! Never underestimate the work of sound designers, people! Yes, maybe you can do it yourself, but better hire a professional sound designer for your project if you can, because it does make a difference.

Excited to see how this project will unfold itself! Stay tuned for more updates rolling out.

Much Love,

Kristina P

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