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How To Use Netflix To Improve Your Acting

We’re still raving about how much we learned from Ines Laimins in our latest Krispy Talk, so much so that we’re thinking if we should write up a cheat sheet post for it. Where to find what, etc. Let us know in the comments if you’d like that!

That said, as advocates of practical advice, while watching the Krispy Talk our ears pricked up at the words “watch”, “Netflix”, and “everyday”—not said in consecutive order—and viola! This blog post was written.

So how can you use Netflix to keep your acting muscles active?

Find Your Character Archetype

Your character archetype or actor type, simply put, is the character you fit the most. Physically and personality-wise. We know many of you can play a diverse range of roles, but the truth of the film & theatre industry is that you will be judged by your cover.

Recall any movie or tv series you’ve seen where you weren’t completely sold on the character because they didn’t look like a convincing soccer mom. Or an annoying girl from America, wed to a member of an English gang. Exactly.