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(Apr) Viewpoints

A course on the 9 Viewpoints by Ann Bogart and Tina Landau

  • Starts 20 Apr
  • $500 - Pay Later
  • Krisp. Production

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Service Description

For who: Actors and non-actors. Beginners are welcome! Explore Viewpoints, a global approach to theatre and actor training by Ann Bogart and Tina Landau. Nine Viewpoints in Time and Space provides a vocabulary for engaging with the world. Question information, dismantle hierarchies, and unlock new possibilities. Led by Kristina Pakhomova, this session includes curated exercises, theory, and methodology. Wear comfortable attire for non-restrictive movement. Learning Focus: 1.. Broaden your awareness of your surroundings and interactions. 2. Enhanced Empathy. By exploring different viewpoints, you will become more empathetic, and understanding. 3. Adaptability. The 9 viewpoints will teach you how to navigate diverse social situations and connect with people from various backgrounds. 4. Creative Problem-Solving. The 9 viewpoints promote creative thinking and problem-solving, allowing individuals to approach personal and social challenges with a fresh perspective. 5. Mindfulness and Presence. Practising the viewpoints cultivates mindfulness, helping individuals stay present in social interactions and enjoy richer personal experiences. 6. Team Collaboration. In social and professional settings, knowledge of the 9 viewpoints facilitates effective collaboration, contributing to stronger team dynamics and relationships. Some prior acting training experience is recommended. Comfortable attire for non-restrictive movement is required. This course is taught and facilitated by Kristina Pakhomova. Upcoming Class: April 20, 2024 10am - 3pm 5 hour session - $500 — In-person, group classes — For adults — Lessons held in English — Class commences when there is a min. booking of 4 pax.

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  • 114 Lavender St., CT Hub 2, Singapore 338729

    +65 9117 9950

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