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KrisP. Production • Acting Workshops, Theatre & Film Production
KrisP. Production • Acting Workshops, Theatre & Film Production

Viewpoints (2014)

All the performers in Viewpoints (2014) — actors, musicians, and visual effects artists — have trained in the Viewpoints technique, and improvise and respond to one another with a heightened awareness of the Nine Viewpoints. Fun Fact: Our artistic director, Kristina Pakhomova, is one of the actors in this performance!


This is one of the first public performances that uses the technique as a performance in itself, with full production values, "featuring actors, electronic musicians and visual artists, all applying the same techniques in relation to their particular discipline".

DOES GOOD ACTING come from clear objectives? A strong backstory? Big emotions? Ask a performer who uses the Viewpoints method, and they might say you’re asking the wrong questions.

As a method of actor training, Viewpoints encourages actors to focus less on their characters’ psychology and more on observation and movement.

We offer Viewpoints Workshops here at KrisP, and due to the current pandemic, are carrying them out online. Check out our workshops, and feel welcome to message us for questions!


Performance Credits

  • Directed by Adam Marple 

  • Performed by alumni from the BA (Hons) Acting programme at LASALLE College of the Arts

  • Music and multimedia by  Moore, Darren, Andreas Schlegel and Brian O’Reilly

  • Viewpoints at Liquid Architecture Singapore 2014 was supported by a Research Project Funding grant from the LASALLE College of the Arts research committee

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