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Some of our work is available online for a limited period of time! Synopses can be found below.

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My Crazy Childhood

"Doesn’t matter how well your parents did with you, you will always find something to tell to your therapist."

It’s so true. Doesn’t matter how loving and caring our  parents are we all got some crazy childhood story. Funny, sad, disturbing or horrifying, we’ve all got them.

Replay available of the showcase that was performed on October 10, 2020.

Featured Playwrights:

Rajkumar Thiagaras, Molly Kirschner, Tom Misuraca, Jane Lee, Tiffa Foster

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Amazing performance! the props and environment was used so well! great job you guys! And the space was used really well, i didn’t feel any issue not feeling the characters, so great job!


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— Anshul Gupta

fear of covid
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Brilliant job to everyone who put this creative platform together so beautifully!! 


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— Rachelle Luym

Fear of COVID


Five stories revolving around the theme Fear of COVID: What if there's no vaccine?  Performed by our pool of actors from all over the world. Recording available of the performance showcase on July 12, 8.30pm (Hong Kong Time) on Zoom.

Featured Playwrights:

James McLindon, Ken Preuss, Tiffa Foster, Ron Rosenfeld, Scott Cooper

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